There are things I never learned that I wish I did. I never learned how to sew, knit, or design clothes. Of course, as a little girl I tried my best, I had some hand-work lessons at school and my grandmother tried to teach me all she knew. Because she knew everything, she made me and my mum the most beautiful clothes and we loved it. But I never learned it, partially because I wasn’t very talented at it, but also because my mother thought that was old fashioned and not emancipated enough. And I have always regretted it. Not only the practical side like making my own curtains, but also the fun side, knitting and sewing clothes for my daughter.

But last winter I took sewing lessons. I did a pillow case, and a bag, and some small other things. And I sewed a skirt for my daughter. I was so proud of it but when it was ready, it was too big. So the skirt had to wait and I got a bit disappointed with myself. Until yesterday, when my daughter tried it on and “yes, it fits” she yelled.
And she wore it to school and when she returned she told me that many kids liked it. And that her teacher also made a comment about her beautiful skirt. And of course my daughter said that her mother made it. And the she told me “you know mum, I was very proud of you, that you made me such a pretty skirt”.


So there I was, tears in my eyes. Being complimented by my own girl. Feeling proud that I finally sewed something. Of course I still think that the cute cupcakes helped a little… But tonight I am going to finish the dress I started :).

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