Shifting reality

My iPhone 5 was driving me mad. I had to recharge it for at least 3 times a day. And not because I was over-using it. Just because it ran out of batteries all the time. But I was lucky, I had one of those iPhone 5’s that had problems with the battery, so I was invited to the Apple store to get a free new battery.

So there I as, walking in the beautiful The Hague Passage. There is a certain Parisian chique to it, fin de siècle romantism. Boutiques and cute little shops. I always smile and get a nostalgic look at this fantastic stamp shop that look like out of time. It reminds me of my grandfather. Café’s with comfortably looking terrace chairs and leather sofa’s, all inviting you to just sit, relax, sip on your cup of tea and enjoy every moment of these surroundings. And there are always nice dressed older ladies, with pearls necklaces, speaking mildly loud, commenting vehemently on daily ridiculousness’s. It’s never too busy, it’s rather a refuge from the city. It’s historical. It’s peaceful.

And there was always this big, beautiful, lovely bookstore. I used to get lost in it forgetting about time. Or just stealing a little bit of time for it. Spotting books, caressing covers, reading their backs, browsing thought all these pages, feeling their weight in my hands. Admiring the presentations of the newest best sellers. Finding little treasures on hidden shelves. And buying the best presents.


And there I stood yesterday, if front of what used to be the Verwijs bookstore. The new Apple store was welcoming me. All white. Austere interior. Light. A Walhalla for Apple fanatics. Every Apple device there to be seen, touched, browsed, idolized. It seemed futuristic, like I was in that “old” Michael and Janet Jackson video clip. It gave me a feeling of excitement and unease. I could not put the finger on it. I kept thinking of the old feeling of the book store, realizing that this is the new reality. I am doing it too. I am browsing more internet pages then real ones. For writings sake, I am blogging, not writing in my diary. I was there, in that 150 year old building, surrounded by the new reality.

I left the store, happy with my upgraded phone, looking at all the excited people. Fixing their devices, or taking training on how to use the most the capacities of their mac books. You could feel the euphoria. It was contagious. It’s was like a candy store. Worse, like a shoe shop for women.

And I went home. And while at home, I wrote with a pen an appointment in my agenda, because I love paper. And I sat on my sofa with my book in my hands, because I love turning pages. But mostly, I took a look at my very eclectic interior and then it hit me. This interior looked real.

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