Amsterdam: Noord loving

I have a dear friend that I sometimes visit in Amsterdam Noord. When I left the last time, I didn’t just get into the car. I took a stroll through the neighborhood. The sky was heavy Dutch. The sun was fighting the clouds. The air was filled with soften passion. It’s a little amazing place. It’s Amsterdam, it looks like it, it smells like it, but it is calm, serene. Village like. Not really like Amsterdam and yet again, just like Amsterdam used to be…somehow.





IMG_4456 IMG_4457



There is this little harbor. Lots of boats, lots of sails. It’s idyllic, it makes you want your own little boat and just hide in there the whole day long. The people that live on that street all seem so content. Cycling around. Having a chat with each other. Really enjoying their “oldtimers”. I don’t know exactly why but here are lots of classic car owners there. My type of car for sure.

I really love it there. Every time I feel a little piece of Noord loving…

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  1. I dreamt for years of living on the Nieuwendammerdijk, I recognized it from the first photo :). For a while I checked funda every week for the prices of houses there – it felt like the most idyllic place to live in that whole idyllic city :).

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