Rotterdam: part 1

I lived in Amsterdam, I studied in Amsterdam, I had my child in Amsterdam. Football wise ‘we’ hope Ajax wins. By ‘we’ I mean my husband and our brain washed child. ;-). I really couldn’t care less who wins.
But lately, living closer to Rotterdam I came to discover this city. In all it’s modernity, new architecture, stunning skyline. At night I can see the skyline from where I cycle. It is kind of Hollywood like. It gives you a feeling of ‘the new world’.

This week I had to see a new feature in Rotterdam. “De markthallen”. I have been planning for weeks to go there, but things just seem to not happen if you are not just doing it. So I finally jumped into the train, and 20 minutes later I got out at the train station Rotterdam Blaak and there it was.




This building is amazing. You look at it and you feel the power and grandeur of it, it is almost blowing you away and sucking you in at the same time. It’s like a magnet, but a very welcoming one too. It is big, transparent, shining, mirroring the surroundings, imposing, magnificent. Next to it, a bit further in the back there is a church. I loved the old and new together. I loved the sense of time passing towards the future. I even felt a little bit like the first time I visited La Défense in Paris. It’s futuristic, but it is now.









Inside the building is still the main character. It’s not only all the beautiful, tasty looking food shops. It’s the setting, the space, the mirage of it. Where you look you see great food: from organics super foods, to the Turkish pide. From amazing wine bars, to delicious French pastry. People walking around, smelling, tasting, buying, or just enjoying a glass of something and looking around, looking at people. Like I did.



I stopped for a while and looked around. I guess there were many people like me, for the first time there, exploring every little bit. And I couldn’t help smiling. Because, even with this grand architectonic building, the new technology, the promise of the future to come, everything was about a basic need: food. Food… I guess we are not that much evolved as we wish we did.

I loved the experience. I loved “De markthallen”. After buying some nice cheese and salami, I took the train back home. Looking forward to go back! And spend some more time wandering around.

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