“The (Romanian) World in your Classroom”

He said: “they are probably all bored, uninterested, distracted teenagers, you really need to capture their attention”. And he said many other good things, and we did some fun games, and exercised our presentation skills. But actually the only thing that really matter to me is that I realized after that training that I really have to capture their attention if I want any message to come across. Romania is a blur for many. I needed some sparkly clarity.

So today I was a guest lecturer in this great project in The Hague:  “The world in your class room” http://www.theworldinyourclassroom.nl/ . And I did my best not only to create an image of Romania, but also to enter the world of 14 year olds today. As visual and interactive as possible, and also as personal too. So I talked not about boring historical facts, but I told them how nice it is to really see Trajan’s Column in Rome. Someday they might visit Rome, and remember what ‘ve told them 😉 .  And that Dacia was first a ‘country’ before a car ;-). And I told them about me driving the Transfagarasan like a real Top Gear pro, with two girlfriends and a dog in the car, music to the max. I told them about all the foreign blood that goes through my bloodstreams because of all the minorities in Romania. I told them about the 100 year old Romanian blouse “ia” that my daughter is wearing. And I showed them holiday pictures I took last summer. I talked about the poverty issues a bit  and the new social-media-sexy presidential election. And in the end I let them dance in snowy Bucharest on “Happy”.

I will never know if my presentation had any impact. Some kids were really captured by my presentations, some didn’t. Oh well… I do know that the teacher really loved it and said a few time he’s really going to visit it now. And I believe him, he wasn’t just flirting 😉

P.S. Oh yeah, and I took all these things with me, I didn’t know we had so many books on Romania. (thanks to my hubby who kept getting them a while ago). And you see that candle with the sheppard? It’s olden than me, and it’s been in my living room all my life…





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3 responses to ““The (Romanian) World in your Classroom”

  1. you know, I’m working on a lesson unit on Romania for my daughter. She speaks/reads/writes Romanian and knows a few facts here and there, but I wanted to teach her more ”in depth” things. Your approach sounds great! Thanks for the idea ! 😉

  2. You’re welcome. I hope it works. And I wished I could day the same about my daughter…she’s more of a passive speaker 😉

    • yeah, every kid is different. My son understands it but he won;t speak it for nothing. Stubborn little guy 🙂 But he’ll have to,because I plan on teaching him to read Romanian first muahahaha

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