December celebrations

Two years ago we got this wooden wine box, and my then 8 year old made all by herself this out of it. I was very proud of it.


This year we got this big wooden wine box. And we kept it with the idea of ‘we should do something with it’. We weren’t sure what, until my daughter saw some sort of Advent calendar in a box. That was difficult to realize in this box, but we made it about all the beautiful celebrations this month.

We started with Sinterklaas/Saint Nicholas, filling the sues of kids and adults and being the big present event in The Netherlands. Then a winter celebrations scene, about caroling, ice rings, winter wonderlands and good cheer. With some hay from our sweet little hamster we rebuilt the stable on Christmas Eve. And we ended with sparkles and glitters for New Year’s Eve.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

We worked all afternoon yesterday and we loved it. What a great way to start December celebrations!

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