Beginning of a Revolution

So, what have I been doing lately. First of all a few weeks ago I went to see this wonderful performance “Roem Eens Verhaal” (Romanian Story, but with a fancy twist in Dutch, that translates slightly like “once famous story”) in The Hague . The first part consisted in mostly traditional Romanian Christmas Carols. Beautifully arrangements, crystal clear sounds, many songs I have never heard of before. Pure, commercial-free Christmas magic. And the second part was this amazing, full of hypnotic music, stage adaptation of the classic Romanian story “Ageless youth and deathless life” (Tinetete fara batranete si viata fara de moarte). Along with freshly baked pies and “cozonac”, it was a beautiful evening out.


IMG_6187And then there was this round table discussion about December 1989. 25 years later and I was in Amsterdam, in a nice room of the University of Amsterdam Library, listening. Feeling a bit funny about the fact that Ion Caramitru,  one of the guys I was seeing on television during the revolution was there, in front of me, talking about what happened then. And of course Coen Stork, the Dutch ambassador back then. And then there was this Oxford professor, Patrick McGuinness, who not only wrote a book on Romania, but was a great speaker that evening.


Last weekend I went with friends to see “The paper will be blue”, a Romanian film with a tragic-comic Revolution storyline. And then a day later my daughter featured in a cultural project by Mirrors of Romania called “Songs for a better future/Matei Bejenaru. Together with a good glass of Romanian wine imported by a friend, and a talk with the artist, it was again an interesting evening.



When I (re)started this blog I didn’t even consider writing much about Romania. I just considered writing about my whereabouts. But history and today’s topics is catching up upon me. In the past few weeks I found myself in this Romanian bubble of activities, one after the other, one more interesting, revealing or just more fun then the other. And my gut feeling says it does not only have to do with “25 years after the Romanian revolution” this December.  The revolution that started exactly 25 years ago today, on December 16th. So called or real revolution, I am not debating on that. We are all commemorating it, because it changed everything. But… It has also to do with this new vibe after the last presidential elections. Many feel liberated and it shows in all the sudden breeze of …enthusiasm. All these activities and feeling may mark the beginning of a new kind of revolution. I do hope so.




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