Looking back

I did not know what to write. There was so much to write about. We did so much. We stood still for a while and acknowledged it was 25 years later. The Romanian revolution will always remain the first televised revolution… How much life changed, how much it didn’t.

We had wonderful Christmas days, a few parties, nice drinks with friends, went out for movies, stayed home just reading, played music, took long walks, saw a wonderful ballet performance, went to a great concert, had fun and then …. it all started again. School, work, studies, everything. It was a rush and at the same time a big grey gap. The infamous January strikes, when the lights are gone, nature sleeps and we are all waiting for signs of spring. The big plans and the workload. The satisfaction of the few first steps.

And then for a second we were all Charlie, and yet again we weren’t really. We looked at the Syrian winter and shook heads. We saw how the Dutch welfare state is crumbling off, and shook heads again. Not very promising. I need a refreshment. I need some good news. We get too much hooked on the downside of everything. At least, I sometimes do. And I know that I can generate good news. I just need to be more focused on that.

So here I am, starting again to blog in this new year. 2015 …. I wonder where it will take me. I need already to catch up in some things. 🙂

tervuren park (5)

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