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The tourist season has started again. I have always dreamt of running a small hotel, or a pension, entertaining guests, making rooms cosy and having a terrace full with people and music and good food. For now, I am just enjoying our Airbnb room.

Last season was a blast. We didn’t know what to expect. I remember well our first guest, this young Italian woman. She stayed a few days. She returned a second time. It was great to sit and talk to a total stranger, but yet so familiar and human as any of us. After her, we had many wonderful people from all over the world entering our small world. We had people bringing us cherries from their own garden as a gift, or chocolate, or mints. We had guests who wanted to cook for us. And guests who performed for us. We had quite some drinks and wonderful conversations. And even though most of those encounters were as ephemeral as life itself, they were so memorable, so caught in the beauty and universality of the human spirit.

As soon as spring started we got new airbnb guests this year. And I don’t know what to like more: the gesture of bringing along cat snacks for our cat, or finding a post it in the room with the most thoughtful and personal thank you text from a perfect stranger…

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