Eurovision and the 10 year old


This morning my 10 year old was very excited: “Mum, Eurovision was really great. Did you see any? Who won?”

“I didn’t see it, honey. But…Nobody won yet, only a few countries went on to the final on Saturday” I said. “The Netherlands is out, but Romania and Belgium are through”.

“Oh, too bad for Trijntje, but oh yes, Belgium has a very nice song. And Romania too. ” And she is showing me the songs on youtube. “The little boy was there on the stage, the song is about children left without parents, which is really sad. And that makes it beautiful though”, she comments on the Romanian song.

“And Russia has a beautiful song too, really nice. Can I now also be for Russia too? Because the song is really beautiful, and then I have again 3 countries to hope for.

Right…let’s exchange The Netherlands for Mother Russia. Why not 😉



P.S. Oh yes. Two out of “her” three countries . Aren’t we just rich to have to many …. hahaha… we just adopted Russia too!


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2 responses to “Eurovision and the 10 year old

  1. Oh man, I completely forgot about Eurovision! 🙂 Last year I watched it with my daughter and she was really into it . The simple things that make kids happy! 🙂

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