(no) TV nights

Yesterday evening I was very tired. Tired and feeling like not being able to think or do anything at all. So I switched on the TV and looked up for something to see. There was absolutely nothing interesting. Out of boredom I watched a (bad) film, and later on NCIS, and I just kept on watching and wondering why I am doing that.

In the past weeks I have been too busy to watch any TV. A few times I sat next to my daughter as she wanted me to see something together with her. I actually liked that, to see what she likes, and what her (pre-)teen series are all about. But except a documentary and a program that I have kept to rerun, I watched no TV. I did not even miss it.

I am not saying that I am banning the TV from our lives. There are still good films and programs when you feel like it. But there is so much more to at night… Now I am working (an procrastinating by writing this blog) and listening to my daughter practicing the piano!

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  1. we hardly watch any TV in my house. I’m the weird one among my friends with kids.My TV stays off almost all day, except from when hubby comes home and he turns on the news ( and that’s at night) . But,I’ve never heard my kids saying ”I’m bored”. Because they play a lot outside, they read, they do crafts, they paint, etc etc. They don’t need the TV to entertain them. And I’m so happy about that! 🙂

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