Ramandan time

I was sitting in a busy café, crowded with mostly tourists, reading a magazine while waiting for someone. The table in front of me empties and a minute later an older man sits down. With a friendly face he orders a cappuccino. He’s wearing what I think it is a djaballah. He smiles, I smile back.
As I continue to read my magazine he gets his coffee, drinks it and stands up to leave. He greats me nicely and wishes me a good day. I do too. And I continue reading.

Just minutes away the table is again welcoming an older Muslim man. Not a friendly face this time, so we don’t great. I begin smiling at the coincidence. And I wave away a judgemental idea of them in this touristic café. I was there too. right. This guy orders a hot chocolate. I raise my eyebrow…a hot chocolate on this warm and sunny day?

And as he finished his hot chocolate rather fast and leaves the café, I smile even more. It’s Ramandan time….right 😉


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