Crossing thought Bucharest

Today I was in Bucharest. Our car has broken down so we had no car anyhow, but actually it is much better to use a cab in the city then your own. Firstly, the cab driver knows the way much better then I ever will, secondly you reduce to 0 the chance of getting your car scratched, thirdly…it is much better for your mental and emotional health. 

So we got into a cab. The driver was this rather short, rather too heavy guy. He didn’t look happy. He didn’t say much. We were relieved when he turned on the radio. The radio station was one with good music (of course, our taste) and he immediately asked if we liked it. We were glad to say yes. 

And then as he started manoeuvring the car into Bucharest traffic, while I was sitting in the back with my daughter, we both couldn’t take our eyes off his…well….what was it…his little altar?! His whole dashboard was full with little icons, crosses, pictures of saints or popular priests. It was impressive I must say. Kitch, but impressive. 

But what was more impressive is that the guy made three times a cross every time we passed a church. Now is this according to good old orthodox Christian belief that you should cross yourself when you pass a church. But the funny thing was l that we were going through some area where there were many, many churches. Some of them I couldn’t even see at first, hidden behind old communist buildings. But the driver was to over consumed with making crossings, even if he needed his hand to use the gear, or turn the steering wheel, that I could not miss the churches anymore. And I could not start feeling very amused by this funny-ridiculous car ride through Bucharest. 

After I while I dropped my husband an daughter to the swimming pool and I continued my ride to another place. I was still fascinating with all the cross-making that was going on. I asked him to pull over to buy some pretsels. And then he told me he hasn’t been eating any bread what so ever in 3 month. I looked rather puzzled looking at his posture. And then he confessed he’s on a diet and has lost already 15 kg. Ditching sugar and carbs helpt, he said, but also praying a lot and going to church too, he confessed. 

I guess I am not going to try this diet. 


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  1. hey at least he lost weight ; whatever works, right? haha
    I remember ( back in the day when I was living in Spain) we had a friend that crossed himself everytime he passed a church. I told him those were catholic churches and he was an orthodox, why was he crossing himself? His answer was that it didn’t matter, it was still a church. Now the guy converted to the Jehova’s witnesses and doesn’t have this habit anymore, even though a church is still a church LOL Funny what a dogma does to you, huh?

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