21 years later, back to my first love

It was as if my body remembered. Every little muscle reacted, every little movement was a call to be more alive. I felt the rush, the joy, the unbelievable charm and grace warming up my body. I felt like the little girl that I used to be. I stared at the wooden floor at first,  not knowing if I was foolish of just happy.  And then I embraced it all.  As in a dream, but real.

Ok, there are mirrors everywhere and I could not pretend to be anything else then a hippo. I felt like a hippo, big and heavy and stiff. No swan what so ever. Except for when every feeling and movement started to come back, I started to believe again that I will be a swan soon. Or at least a goose. It will be a hell of a job to get a little bit more in shape, but I am over the moon.

I am over the moon that I’ve started ballet again. The last class I took was about 21 years ago. I mean…what….21?! I had to check it twice, doubting my math skills. But yeah, it has been that long ago. And ballet is still my first love. Happy to be in love again!






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