Hot pants and the golden girls

I am cycling through the shopping street as I head back home after a meeting. The big posters with “last days of sale” on shop windows make me slow down. I look at my watch, I still have a small half an hour before my daughter returns from school. I quickly enter a shop I like, I scan through the last pieces of sale but there was nothing left for me.

As I want to get on my bike again I see that H&M still has lots of sale items. Well, why not, I nod, entering the shop. There are not many people inside, it’s quiet. I look at a few nice blouses, a skirt, but nothing really that suits me. For the sake of trying something on I take an oversized sweater and look at in in the mirror. It doesn’t look bad. Do I really need an oversized sweater? No, actually. But still I take off my scarf and my jacket and in front of the mirror I pull the sweater over my head and look at it. Meh.

A few steps from where I stand two golden girls walk around chatting loudly: “Look dear” says one, “these are really sexy”. And the other ones replies “oh, yes, they are sexy. They are hot”. There is nothing wrong with my hearing, is it? And I turn around and look at them.  I see it right, two old ladies, all grey hair and grandma candor over their faces. They must be in their 70’s. I peak at the sexy clothes they are discussing and I see a rack full of shorts. What on earth to do with a rack full of shorts in wintertime, I wonder. But I can’t help smiling a bit, and I am also puzzled by those ladies.

The ladies look at me and continue “they are nice, sexy, hot pants, don’t you think?” they ask pointing to some white lacey pants with pearls on. In a reflex I smile and respond amused,  ” yes, they are”, and I turn around giggling inside and looking at my sweater again.

“You should try them on!” they giggled. I freeze. Are they really talking to me? I try to ignore it but they continue. “You should enjoy it as muck as you can, honey, you can still wear it, you know”?

Are they freaking kidding me? Did they just suggest to me to wear shorts? Me? I mean, I don’t have at all a negative body image, but hot pants? I am not 18! I am not skinny! I am sure they are not even in my size. I am lost for words. I turn to look at them again, they are giggle-ish and smiling. My mind’s working hard. I start calculating. They are in their 70’s, so they must be old hippies, flower power, free spirit, free love. Yep that must be it. And I give them a wink and half of a timid smile as I still don’t know who to react.

“Oh dear”, the chatter further as they start walking away, “anything but this biiiig sweater. You are still young, beautiful, so dress to impress. Don’t hide in sweaters. Show yourself. Flaunt it! Otherwise you will regret it later”.

I try to say something back like ” but I do, I will”, but they are gone. I take down the sweater and hang it back. I wasn’t going to buy it anyhow. I cycle back home and very amused I laugh about what just happened.

But home again I go straight to my closet. I take a good look, luckily I decluttered recently and gave away lot of clothing. I take a good look and decide: this years shopping is going to be about dressing to impress. I am going to flaunt it, baby 🙂

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