The parents are all right!

It takes a world pandemic to get me writing my blog again. Well, sometimes that is what it takes.

It has been more than three weeks sinds we are in isolation here in The Netherlands. This means that we can get out. Every event has been cancelled, all the cafes and restaurants are closed, most shops too. We stay inside. But we can get out, inhale fresh air, do groceries shopping, walk the dog.  Of course when the whole country (world, I know) is kept inside by the corona virus, the weather in The Netherlands is perfect. Sunny, clear blue skies, warmer every day. This spring would have been otherwise one where the terraces would be full with people having laud conversations while drinking beer and wine. The irony of it, some said, we are being punishes to stay inside in this beautiful spring weather. But really, this is a blessing. Imagine staying inside when everything is grey and dark and wet outside. I am pretty sure the number of depressed people  would be sky high. Now I am enjoying the pots with flowers and the sunbathing on our roof-terrace.

When this started, I would see how all my gigs, workshops and trainings were being cancelled. That was it. It didn’t come as a surprise, the days prior to that decision were hitting towards the quarantine. I accepted it quite well. But when they announced that the schools would close too, I got a bit freaky. How would that be? It’s not a holiday, but homeschooling a teenager seemed challenging.

I was not the only one. Friends with children immediately started sending messages in whatsapp groups. There was a mixture of light panicking and feeling relieved. Many parents wanted to keep their kids safe at home, so that is where the feeling of relief came from. But then that feeling of panic took a bit over. How to do all this? This totally new thing, and that for a whole three weeks, as that was the time frame we all got to hear the first time. We now know it’s at least 8 weeks.

We do live in 2020 so the panicking has no borders. My friends from Romania, Maroc, USA, Belgium and so on are at exactly the same spot.  The first picture I got and then shared was that with the mum working from home with her three boys being duck taped on the floor. Seeing that picture made me smile. I knew exactly who to share it with. I actually have three  mum friends with three boys. But after that I shared it with other parents. Long live whatsapp and whatsapp groups, because images of kids behaving like little despots and parents being exhausted started pouring in.

Pictures of glasses of wine, like every day now. Or maybe two glasses at least. Cheers for us!

Kids making pizza. Kids shredding the pizza in a fight.

A friend who celebrated her birthday went grocery shopping for half a day. That was her gift. A selfie at the shopping mall with a big grin. I got that! We had some good laughs.

My reality is a bit different. I have only one child and she is 15. And actually life is not that bad at the moment. She might be a teenager full on, but she is ok. She has lots of homework, I help out. (My husbands does that too when he is at home, he is not working from home). We watch Netflix together. We walk the dog. We do some crafting. There is drawing, and piano playing, and cooking, and reading and video calling with friends and more. We are giggling and talking, we share house chores and we talk some more. She shows me funny videos. I have all the time in the world to watch them now. Even the annoying ones. I make her watch some documentaries and she has to admit that she likes them. It’s all good, actually…

But then I do some video calling with friends with more and smaller kids. With more, I mean two or three, I am not really friends with people who have more. I always thought that two or three are really manageable. But today I chatted with a friend with a four and a six year old. I asked how is life with the two kids at home. He replied with: “if you can have them for just one day, I will do everything for you!”


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